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Thread: Writing a journal article while doing a Masters

07-Aug-17, 17:21
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by WineGum
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posted about 1 week ago
Quote From Nad75:
Yes, it actually looks good to have an article in review or published while you are applying for PhD applications. I was in social sciences/arts and wrote an article during the tail-end of the MA, and the potential PhD supervisors said it was a strong consideration in the applications. You also should try to present a couple of papers at some conferences alongside your MA, as that looks great on a CV for later. It's a lot of hard work, but well worth it if you enjoy the challenge of academic writing. (I'm not sure what a postgraduate journal is, you should be able to pitch the article to regular blind peer-reviewed academic journals, I got two rejects before getting it accepted.)

Thank for your reply. It was very helpful. When you were writing an article, was it a desk based journal or did it involve fieldwork? Did you have a supervisor?

Thread: Writing a journal article while doing a Masters

05-Aug-17, 19:50
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by WineGum
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posted about 2 weeks ago
Hi all!

I'm due to start a Social Science Research Masters in October. My aim is to then continue on to do a Phd in Social Policy or Sociology.

I have already completed pieces of research, outside of my undergraduate degree, which I have submitted to an undergraduate journal. This was part of an undergraduate research scheme and was formally recognised meaning I had a supervisor and receiving ethical approval was quicker and simpler etc.

Would I be able to write another paper without the help of a supervisor along side my Masters? I would like to try and get something else published in a postgraduate journal to make my PhD application stronger and because I love writing and sharing my writing. Do many Masters students write journals alongside their studies? Is it even possible?
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