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Thread: After submitted the thesis, how long does it take to be informed about the date of your viva?

20-Mar-17, 05:19
by appleby
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posted about 6 days ago
Hello, I have submitted my thesis at the end of last month, and currently I am still waiting to be informed about the date of the viva. After three weeks I'm getting more concerned about it. Normally the viva interview will take place between minimum 2 weeks to maximum 3 months. I don't mind when the viva take place, but I am anxious on when I will be informed of the date. I have emailed my supervisor and I felt like I am too anticipating.

Thread: Applied econometric PhDs, what kind of questions the examiner will ask during viva?

20-Feb-17, 06:40
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by appleby
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posted about 1 month ago
Hi, I am going to submit my thesis in a week time, but I am worried if I don't cover enough materials in my thesis. I am doing applied econometrics, wrote three papers that make up one whole thesis. The major topic is labor market (i.e. labor force participation, wage determination, pseudo-panel with fixed effects ordered logit model etc). I am certain I will be asked about the technique, model specification, identification strategy, supporting theories etc. But I would like to ask any PhD econometrician out there, what kind of question that will be asked that I may have not anticipated? What should I be worried about? Thank you.

Thread: Forgetting what you have read

09-Jan-17, 08:15
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by appleby
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posted about 2 months ago
Whenever I read an article, I always write it down (or most of the time, copy and paste items strategically). After scheming the paper to identify which part I want to focus more, first I write down full citation, and then copy and paste the important bits into Notes. Sometimes I copy the whole sentence to avoid losing out the context, sometimes I jot down important chunks of words. Then I do this for several papers under the same theme, and the resulting output is a summarized version of several articles. I save it as pdf and read in my tablet. I never trust myself to remember hundreds of articles. It's kind of like a cheat sheet, so whenever I need to cite them I know exactly from which paper I am referring because everything is written under the article's title headline.
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