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Thread: [bad PhD]: VIVA close in time

19-Jul-17, 08:13
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by guaio
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posted about 1 week ago
I am sure that the paper is not only wrong, but there are also some fake results. My PI knows that I can hardly defend that work, for this reason, he suggested me to just referee that paper about some topics that can not be discussed to much

Thread: [bad PhD]: VIVA close in time

12-Jul-17, 22:32
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by guaio
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posted about 2 weeks ago
I started a PhD nearly four years ago. At that time, my supervisor provided me a project, but after more than one year we had to change it: the instrumention was to old and he didn't want to spend monay on it.
We did many other attempts to figure out something else to do. At the end of the second year I did some reasonable measurements that could provide some interesting information, from that time I realized what could be my PhD project!
Therefore, after spending 2 years on useless things, in four mounts my supervisor wrote and published a paper and I am the first author! Today I am close to the viva, and I just realized that the paper he wrote is totally wrong!
I don't want to waste my career because of a bad PhD management. The question is: can I write a PhD thesis based on my personal considerations about that measurements and completely ignoring arguments writen on a published paper?
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