Final year support thread

08-Dec-16, 11:11
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Avatar for strawberrygirl
posted about 1 month ago
Hi all, it's good to read people's posts here about having submitted recently. My final deadline is in just over two months. I still have half of one chapter to write from scratch plus the Intro and Conclusion. I also need to tidy up and edit my other chapters. It's all feeling a bit impossible at the moment and I'm struggling a bit with anxiety which is making things difficult. Did anyone else find that they were doing a lot of their writing so last minute? I forgot to add that like others here I feel sick of my topic and my thesis.I'm not convinced by my argument which feels weak and vague which doesn't help.

Is anyone else this close to submitting? It'd be good to hear how you'd doing.
30-Dec-16, 17:41
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Avatar for PracticalMouse
posted about 2 weeks ago
I am more or less in the same boat Strawberrygirl - deadline in 3 months, one more chapter to write + intro and conclusion + revising other chapters to perfection. How have you been getting on in the last month since you posted? I am aiming for a complete final draft by mid-January...panic is understating it.
02-Jan-17, 19:33
by Miss29
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posted about 2 weeks ago
I wish you all a blessed new year.

I am content with my progress and I have 5 months till my deadline. But I feel so scared of how things will go in the upcoming months. I am done with people asking me when I will finish I am already stressed and I do not need any extra stress.
04-Jan-17, 22:22
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Avatar for starsgoblue
posted about 1 week ago
Don't know if this is the right place to be posting considering most are writing up (as was I!) but I have my viva in a fortnight and am increasingly sick with worry. Overall I think there are good moments in my thesis and some good clear writing but largely it's clumsy. My nerves when writing were just too much. Really so scared and worried.
07-Jan-17, 04:49
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by Pjlu 4 star member
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posted about 1 week ago
Well done, Starsgoblue and Teegs!-wishing you all the best in the next few weeks and months. And Starsgoblue- hope the nerves don't get too much-I'm sure that your writing will be fine.

I am having around a 4-5 week holiday from my chapter edits, as I have taken a new job which entails an interstate move, selling up and organising house, pets and other matters. Currently I am typing this in the only room in the house that has furniture. This has delayed my submission date by a couple of months at least-so while I was hoping to go for end of Jan-Feb-the new job, life and place means it will be more likely to be ready to submit around May. Hugh and Zutterfly, I can't stand my research at the moment but am hoping that once I have settled in can muster up enough discipline and motivation to forge through the edits and submit. I think Chapters 1-3 are pretty much right-now just need to keep working through 4-8. But moving house is pretty draining. Anyway, all's well and wishing everyone else much encouragement. Keep up the incremental work and it will eventually be complete! Cheers all and best wishes for 2017.
12-Jan-17, 09:11
Avatar for Zutterfly
posted about 4 days ago
I am currently still waiting for feedback on my thesis from my sup. They have returned three chapters of feedback and hopefully will get the rest on Friday.

I plan to make a dent in the edits today on the chapters I do have returned to me. I feel as though I have completely forgotten what I have written though- it has been two months since handing the draft in!

Hope everyone is having a good week :)
16-Jan-17, 13:01
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Avatar for PracticalMouse
posted about 15 hours ago
I am so tired today, I can barely focus. Have had the weekend from hell trying to revise and resubmit a paper I have been working on, with another deadline looming today! Needless to say barely any work on my thesis has got done in the last two weeks. Feel like I have writing burnout...


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