Final year support thread

19-Mar-17, 09:22
by Pjlu 4 star member
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posted about 1 week ago
Wow, thanks for the feedback on the proof reading and copy editing Zutterfly. Definitely will rethink this pathway given your comments on the mistakes introduced...:even for my poxy word tables which need to fit on the page properly ( Good luck though with your days off and the final submission !!! so exciting for you!!)

I've just finished Chapter 6 revisions and now just have Chapter 7. Then for fine tuning items over Easter before giving a polished draft to both supervisors and hoping they will allow me to give notice to submit.
21-Mar-17, 18:42
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posted about 5 days ago
Sounds like progress is steady and good Pjlu :) glad to hear.

I am printing the thesis this week and dropping it off to be bound. I am waiting on my sup to sign some forms so I can submit and they have confirmed they are happy with me to submit, they keep replying to emails without the signed forms. I know this is not the case, but it feels like it is being stalled intentionally. I am desperate to submit and get it over with now!
26-Mar-17, 07:44
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by Pjlu 4 star member
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posted about 14 hours ago
it's funny how the desperation to submit and be done with it all seems to increase exponentially towards the end lol. I think we are all feeling it right now. Good luck Z-hope the sups attach the right forms and you can submit and relax!

This week I looked at Chapter 7 and suddenly realised the bleeding obvious with regard to the organisation of my discussion. Thus, I completely reorganised my headings, created yet another word table to help the reader, and started the big job of moving stuff around in this chapter and rewriting the signposting. This requires some further fairly minor revision to data chapters and introduction but, now I can properly reorganise and rework 7. Very few copy edit mistakes in these chapters but quite a bit of clarification and simplification needed. The writer's phrase 'kill your darlings' keeps coming to mind. The plus side though is I don't think it is as confusing and the logic is more rigorous. Back to work work for the week now, with hopefully the rest of the rewriting for 7-and some minor stuff for final chapter 8 to be complete by next Sunday evening. Good luck and best wishes to everyone else on the final year thread.

I am counting down 16 weeks now. Around 3 of these will be full weeks of holiday and the remaining are weekends. Can't wait for it to be done.


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