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02-Aug-17, 19:59
Avatar for theKarma
posted about 2 weeks ago
Please take 5mins to do my dissertation survey! It's short! Thank you
08-Aug-17, 06:25
by wenjing
Avatar for wenjing
posted about 1 week ago
Hi, I am doing a survey about the usage patterns of mobile phone and tablet, could you please help to answer the questionnaire? All the information will be used for academic research, thank you for your cooperation!
08-Aug-17, 13:35
Avatar for heehee3807
posted about 1 week ago
Hello, can anyone please help me out with my dissertation survey. It's about how consumers reflect to car brands' reputation in the business market! Wont take you long!
08-Aug-17, 23:26
Avatar for jerry0812
posted about 1 week ago
Hello guys, please take 3 minutes for a quick questionnaire, in return, I will do yours with high quality answers =)
10-Aug-17, 15:34
edited about 16 seconds later
Avatar for philippa_
posted about 1 week ago

I'm looking for people to complete my survey, it's about Public Relations and won't take long at all.
You don't need to be knowledgeable on the subject, all participants are welcome. Link is below.

Thank you!
10-Aug-17, 23:38
edited about 7 seconds later
by Umom
Avatar for Umom
posted about 1 week ago
Hi all,

Please kindly fill out my questionnaire, it takes no more than 10 mins! It is about empathetic tendencies & gang & youth violence. Thank you xx
17-Aug-17, 23:06
Avatar for spinugeorgiana
posted about 2 days ago
Hi everyone! I am doing my dissertation and I need participants to answer a quick survey about experiences of hate crime amongst Eastern European Migrants in the United Kingdom. I need participants who are either East Europeans or British/Irish/Scottish. Would you please spare 10-15 minutes of your time to fill in this survey. Could you also share the link so other people will see it.
Thank you in advance


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