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19-Mar-17, 09:46
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by Tenzin
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posted about 1 week ago
Hi all!

So for my revise and resubmit, I must rewrite the whole thesis in accordance with an outline the external examiner has given me. I was told that I would have to 'adjust' my research questions, but I'm not sure how to do this. It's a situation where I have to write before I can really figure out what she wants, but I need to have some sort of research questions around which to centre my writing.

So I've got three chapters (out of six) 'finished' that follow the outline of the examiner, and they need to be adjusted to centre around research questions. But how do I figure that out?

I'm getting really frustrated again!

20-Mar-17, 14:18
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posted about 6 days ago
Isn't she just asking you to rewrite your hypothesis or aims to match what you have written about in the rest of the chapter?
21-Mar-17, 14:30
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by Tenzin
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posted about 5 days ago
I don't really know! I think I'll have to muddle along for a while and then go back and for between possible research questions and what comes out of the writing. This is a strange way of writing, though!


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