What to do after a successful appeal?

11-Apr-17, 20:25
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by BeHappy
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posted about 4 months ago
Thankyou to all of you for your helpful comments.
I am based in a U.K. University.
I could really do with speaking to someone who has successfully got a PhD after an appeal. Not sure if any of you or anyone you know has been through this process and has/has not come out successfully.

12-Apr-17, 12:01
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posted about 4 months ago

I’m sorry that you’re having to go through this. I just wanted to add that I gained my PhD after a successful appeal against proven ‘procedural irregularity’ and possible bias (at a UK university). Unfortunately, progress was painfully slow. My university, which had imposed such exacting conditions and deadlines on the appeal itself, seemed ignorant/uninterested in how to proceed after the verdict, with long silences and miscommunication. I’d also taken up a full-time post at another institution, so was navigating the process remotely, and feeling increasingly detached from the PhD.

I wasn’t allowed to alter my thesis further, despite it having been revised to the previous examiners’ (now nullified) feedback. However, I was involved in selecting new examiners, but they weren't supposed to know anything of the reasons for the resubmission. The second viva eventually took place nearly a year after the appeal – and almost three years after viva no.1. It was, thankfully, a short and amicable experience, the main outcome being to reinstate content I’d previously been asked to remove. The PhD was formally awarded about six months later.

So, be prepared for a long, complex and stressful process, but yes, it is possible to succeed in the end. All the best, and please PM me if you’d like to discuss further.



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