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Thread: How do I learn to write a great essay for online competitions?

22-Apr-19, 12:19
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posted about 2 months ago
Irrespective to the kind of essay, you need to select a burning topic of your comfort zone. Generalizing thought flow is the prime most tasks which can better direct essay core information. It takes ample time to write brilliant writing with full attention and care.
Depth analyzing of a concerned topic will stagger unprocessed information. All you need to draft the pros and cons of a particular topic. When you compare available data and develop a strong objective and supporting validates points, draw an outline for composing essay.
Read other competitive essays available on the internet. That's how you will learn how to format contents with accuracy. SourceEssay is one of the services who allow access to free sample of essays or check other services which grant you academic writing help.
Later on, practice essay writing as much as you can. With the passage of time, you will notice an improvement in writing skills.
Watch debates show online that will enhance your thinking ability and capture how a situation should be represented more concisely.

Thread: How do I articulate my thoughts properly through writing?

15-Apr-19, 08:17
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posted about 2 months ago
Writing is the mandatory part of the academics that one has to surpass each day.
Through writing, you will express your emotion with signs and symbols. So it is
remarkably important to cite your thoughts precisely. Writing anything that comes in
mind may result in distorted contents which in turn reduce your marks. Before starting
any write-ups, do depth analyses of topic aftermath form outlines that systematically
follow the information from one paragraph to another. That’s how you can form a bridge
between two paragraphs. Amid the segment where you will express your view, write
those views and objectives which are not biased. Even if you are writing arguments, try
to right only those statements which can be proved. In such a way you can articulate
your thoughts while producing write-ups. Unless taking help from various writing
services will teach you how to manage your contents and frame quality work that
represents thoughts more effectively.

Thread: What are the best ways to write an academic essay?

13-Apr-19, 06:09
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posted about 2 months ago
An academic essay is a formally submitted task on which an individual is scored and
one’s performance is evaluated. An academic essay should be written very carefully
and with precision.
Ways to write an academic essay:
 Start with doing a proper research. Gather as much information as possible
and jot down the relevant points.
 Go through the points and see which points are necessary and which are not.
 Create a structure and connect the dots. Map out a rough draft.
 After that decide a heading. It should capture the essence of your essay.
 Then start the writing. Follow the introduction, body and conclusion rule for a
well drafted essay.
 Make sure to give references and due credits.
 Proofread for errors and plagiarism.

Thread: What are some good hooks for essays?

12-Apr-19, 12:29
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posted about 2 months ago
A hook is the device used to capture the attention of the reader. A hook can be of various
types as long as it can grab attention. Some good hooks, as per your question are:

*A quote: Nothing grabs attention like a quote which is used appropriately and
efficiently. If you writing a literary analysis of a book. A suitable quote from the book
or the author, which might add to your content, is the right choice.
*A question: Ask the readers a question, which might bamboozle them. It should make
them think. This will want them to know your opinion on the matter.
*Anecdote: A good relevant anecdote might make your essay engaging. And what
engages makes the readers want to read further. So don’t shy away from citing
anecdotes to support your essay.
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