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Thread: Want to quit Phd! Please advice!

01-Mar-18, 17:10
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi all,
I completed my UG in 2004, did a Masters in 2006 and worked in a different field for a couple of years. I got accepted for a Phd program in November with full sponsorship. However, i already feel frustrated, depressed and de-motivated. The reason for this are two-fold:
1. I do not have a good grasp of programming...... which is a core requirement for my program.
2.I also feel lost about basic concepts ....i have to refer to materials which i used in my first and second degrees.
This makes me feel like i cannot complete the Phd. I feel the urge to quit most times.

I have discussed these issues with my supervisor, She assures me i am making good progress based on our discussions and i should not be worried.However, i cannot help being worried She also tells me as soon as she feels i am not making good progress, she will let me know. I feel like quitting now rather than waiting for the -inevitable - day. Quitting also means paying back a large chunk of money that my sponsors have expended on me. And how do i even explain it to my family? I really want to shoulder on but i feel i am just postponing the inevitable.
This has made me to have sleepless nights and as result i have lost so much weight.
I really feel lost!!!
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