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Thread: Recently started my PhD and completely lost

08-May-20, 21:44
by Araneo
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posted about 3 weeks ago
Guys thank you so much for the comments and advice. I will try to implement all your suggestions :)

I will work on my research plan and also try to figure out how can I get one more supervisor as I think it will be really helpful for me.
I will post here if I (hopefully) survive my progress check.
Also thank you rewt for your post. I think you understand my situation very well as I can see you have gone through something similar as well.

Thread: Recently started my PhD and completely lost

04-May-20, 23:31
by Araneo
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posted about 1 month ago
Thank you all for your comments and suggestions guys. It really helps.

The topic was pre-defined but very broad. It is up to me to make it specific and then carry on from there.

Yes by attestation I mean progress check. My uni just calls it "attestation" to sound scarier...
Another thing is, I think he is doing lots of projects and also teaches in another university as well and does not show up in my university often (like he literally only comes to university once or max twice per week so it was hard to catch him). I don't want to sound rude or anything but every time I have some concrete questions and ask him, he sort of gives me a 4-hour lecture talk about general stuff (which does not really answer my questions and makes much sense) and then I even forget what I asked... I don't know how else to describe this. Maybe someone can relate to this?
As for the second supervisor, I was also thinking about this but not sure how to approach the situation. Should I talk about this to my supervisor? Will, he not get offended or something if I sort of "request" another supervisor? Can anyone guide me on who should I talk to and how this process works?

Thank you again in advance guys.

Thread: Recently started my PhD and completely lost

01-May-20, 19:40
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by Araneo
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posted about 1 month ago
Hello, my friends!

I have been reading quite a lot on this forum and huge thank you to all for their input. I have also decided to share my story as well.

I have recently started my PhD in the department of business administration but I feel so lost. I started my PhD 4 months ago and I have the "attestation" in one month where I have to prepare a presentation about the progress of my PhD research results, possible problems, and future plans. The problem is I don't really know what my topic of PhD is. I do have a general idea and I read quite a lot about that topic but nothing seems to add up. I haven't found any research gaps so far and do not have any specific research questions and I'm getting very worried... My supervisor (I only have 1) is a great guy but I do not get too much support from him. He sort of lets me "do my own thing" which I am not good at as I need more guidance and supervision. I am also his first PhD student and he is also sort of "learning the ropes" of how supervising works. I do help him with teaching and other university-related things as much as I can though but I feel like I'm very behind on my thesis work.
I have to write some sort of research plan and present it to my supervisor and the attestation committee as well very soon.

Has anyone been in this situation before? Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this situation? Any help would be appreciated as I am super nervous about this whole PhD thing and the attestation committee as well.

Sorry for spreading negative vibes :(
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