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Friday, 2 November 2018 at 11:13am
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Thread: Whether or not to leave PhD and plan on how to leave

03-Nov-18, 11:43
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posted about 7 months ago
@Cat123 thank you for your reply. Talking to various people has convinced me that the lack of a PhD isn't that much of a deal against me in the job market.

I think if the academic career end goal is really what you want you can make it work. But the tenuous nature of the jobs, the few positions and the lower pay are strong factors weighed against my own low levels of passion right now it doesn't seem reasonable.

I think I will stay around for a few months; work steadily on my project, maybe switch things up a little and see if things improve (then I would continue) but I can also have a plan to leave if I need to maybe some jobs lined up etc. If that was the case the accommodation wouldn't be as much of an issue I could certainly take that hit for a short while. I would also feel much less stressed because I have options.

Thread: Whether or not to leave PhD and plan on how to leave

02-Nov-18, 15:28
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posted about 7 months ago
Well I'm leaning more towards leaving. I certainly don't enjoy the work or the work environment in our group and don't think in the long term it adds much if I complete it or not because academia wouldn't be something I am interested in anymore.

In terms of changing the subject matter of my project myself and people higher up in the group have tried to shift it but my supervisor is very stubborn. Even though a previous postdoc appears to have left over this issue. I also lack equipment necessary to make the kinds of meaningful measurements for this project.

The amendments themselves don't concern me that much I'm aware they are very common in confirmation reviews.

I actually recently had a holiday to relax and it's that time that has made me consider leaving.

Thread: Whether or not to leave PhD and plan on how to leave

02-Nov-18, 12:12
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posted about 7 months ago
Hi everyone I'm new to this forum.

I just finished my first year and submitted my Confirmation review for an EPSRC funded PhD in engineering however it has been sent back for an amendment. I think that I could totally amend it to such a degree that I could continue on with my PhD however I have doubts as to how realistic the project is.

-I think I have decent enough degree (1st Masters in Physics) to access decent job prospects
-I definitely have decided against working in academia and can't imagine continuing in my current work environment
-I would not like to spend 2.5 yrs working on something that will massively stress me out and not bear any real fruit while I could use this time to search for graduate jobs

My main concerns are financial and CV wise.
-I have paid for housing in advance for this year and while I could pay this off it is quite a large amount. I am wondering if a few more months on the program to see if things change and to pay this off might make sense.
-Secondly how would I address this on a CV I was thinking something along the lines of I decided academia wasn't for me after one year? I can still sell it as giving me experience in labwork and computer modelling.

What do you think would be the most sensible thing to do in my situation?
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