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Thread: Choosing a UK PhD programme in Neuroscience (When neither of them is fully-funded )

06-Apr-17, 09:06
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posted about 3 years ago
Dear all
I have received offers from three different PhD programmes in neurobiology but neither of them is fully-funded (I am an oversea applicant). "A" university has the lab that I want to work in the most (because of the laboratory environment and the research topic), but the programme (A programme) neither provides me with financial support and nor allows me to defer the offer based on financial reasons. The other two programmes are from "B" university. One of them (B programme) provides me with scholarship that only covers tuition fees and the student may choose to exit the programme with a MPhil after one year (instead of upgrading). The last programme (C programme) has no funds but allows me to defer the offer based on financial reasons.

I want to get at least a MPhil degree first because I only have a Bachelor degree from somewhere else. In my opinion, having a MPhil degree may gain my chances to secure a scholarship in the subsequent years (even though it seems that I need to afford my own living expense this year).
My intention is to take the offer (B programme) that has the scholarship to cover the first-year tuition fees, defer the offer of C programme and turn down the offer of A programme. Then I will reapply for A programme and scholarships for the next term to see if I can be fully-funded from the next year while receiving the first-year training in B programme. There are four outcomes I would expect.
1. If my project and funding situation goes well in B programme, then I will stay in B and get the DPhil.
2. If my project in B and funding situation in C programme goes well (My potential supervisor in this university can take students from both programme), then I leave B with a MPhil and join C.

3. If my application for A goes well, then  I leave B with a MPhil and join A.

4. If none of the above goes well, I leave B with a MPhil and go somewhere else

Is there anyone can give me an opinion on my thought, share me with your experiences or something I need to be careful of?
(For example, I am afraid if my supervisor from "B" university would not let me go to "A" university with the MPhil or something like If going "A" is my priority then I should not go to B for the MPhil. Instead, I should just find any kind of position in "A")

I need to make this decision within two weeks so any idea is fully appreciated

Best Regards


Thread: Does going for onsite interview has a better chance to be shortlisted for scholarships

22-Jan-17, 11:15
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posted about 3 years ago
Dear all

I was shortlisted by a DPhil program in Experimental Psychology in Oxford for 2017 entry.
As I live in Asia, the admission committee allows me to do a skype interview in which the candidate would give a presentation for 7 minutes and then Q&A.
However, I wonder whether it is better to go for an onsite interview even though the department is not able to support me with transportation or accommodation fee.

I had a skype interview for their DPhil program in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and was accepted for a position for 2016 entry. But the 2016 one was not supported with any funding.
Therefore, I dropped that offer and applied again this time. As an Asian student, I heard it is quite hard to get funding from Oxford, so I thought I need to be not just good but excellent in the interview, which might give me better chance to be accepted and shortlisted for scholarships, including one that is from our government.

Does it make sense to fly to the UK for the interview just to try if I can get top scores in the interview?

Please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns or comments.

Best Regards
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