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Tuesday, 14 November 2017 at 2:53am
Friday, 17 November 2017 at 9:10am
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Thread: Any one has review about"Malaysia university of Science and Technology MUST"

17-Nov-17, 09:12
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by Chicas
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posted about 2 days ago
As a local, this is my first time hearing about this university. And will definitely not a good university, as far as I am concern. Try search for national universities in Malaysia if you want to do your PHD. They have lots of grant.

Thread: PHD in Australia with MSc UK H2A

15-Nov-17, 10:17
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by Chicas
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posted about 4 days ago
Thanks pm133. Maybe I should check somewhere else.

Thank you for some of the feedback. My bad, I forgot that not everyone know what H2A is. Basically, I achieved second class upper on my degree, merit on my MSc. But compared to H2A Australia, the grading scale is different. In Australia, 80% and above is first class, 75-79% is H2A, 70-74% is H2B, 65-69% is third class and 60-64% considered as pass.

In UK, 70% is first class, while merit is 60-69%. When I clearly specify that there is different in grading scale, the school cannot take it. They say I am not up for it. But when I contact my lecturer in UK, many UK universities will gladly accept student with merit for PHD. But I don't know about this for sure. Has anyone encounter this before? What is your solution for this? I really need to further my PHD in Australia this time.

Thread: PHD in Australia with MSc UK H2A

14-Nov-17, 03:03
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by Chicas
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posted about 5 days ago

I had been applying for PHD in Australia past few months. I have BSc (2008) with H2A from Malaysia with A for undergraduate project. And I also had MSc (2015) from UK with H2A. However, 2 universities (UniMel and Monash Uni) had rejected my PHD application. For your information, I had been working as researcher in research institute in Malaysia since 2008. The reason for rejection is that I am not first class student. Does it really acquire 1st class for MSc to be accapted for PHD. Thank you. I really need advice right now.
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