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Wanting mothers where their baby's father (partner) had PND

Hi there
As part of a PhD in Psychology I am focusing on paternal Postnatal Depression.
I am wanting to recruit mothers where their baby's father had PND (though not necessarily diagnosed), to take part in an interview.
The will receive a £15 Amazon gift voucher for their time.
If anyone is interested or has any questions, please contact me by message on here for further information.
Thank you very much

About to quit my PHD

Quote From lala216:
Thanks a lot this is a wise and calm answer. It actually helps a lot to hear something like this from someone who has been trough it.
And yes, no one can answer the question for me. I now red also my first post and see how bad my mental state was when writing it, as there is a lot of misspelling. SO I fore sure have to calm down about it and accept the situation. I really think this phd happened too soon for me, and in the wrong time. Which is a pity but life..
So thanks again!

It sounds like one of the things you are worried about is going from being competent at work, to bewildered by the PhD. Could it be that you change your approach to the PhD? I treat mine like a desk job, sit from 9-5 and work as I would in a work day. It helps me to split things into tasks and plan the week ahead, ticking off each (sometimes micro) task so I feel I have achieved something.
It is totally normal for you to not have a full idea of what you are doing yet-especially in sociology. A lot of a PhD is thinking and conceptualising, which you don't feel like as being work, but it is.
But, you are the one doing the PhD. And you know in your gut what is right at this time for you. If you, despite persevering, really deep down want to leave, then you don't need anyone's permission, and you will have other opportunities in the future which you may enjoy more.
Ultimately nothing is worth your mental or physical health being put at risk.
Slow progress is the nature of PhD. It is nothing like a Masters in that respect, and is really difficult to stay motivated.
I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do.

Seeking fathers with postnatal depression for my PhD study-£15 Amazon voucher for interviews

Good morning
For my PhD study I am seeking to interview fathers who think they may have suffered postnatal depression, who live in the UK.
If you feel this may be of interest to you, please contact me by PM for further details.
You will be given a £15 Amazon voucher per completed interview.
Thank you very much
Caroline Estrella

Can I recruit for participants here?

Hello. I am looking for participants for my PhD study. Am I allowed to recruit on here please? I am seeking fathers who may have experienced postnatal depression. Many thanks