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Thread: PhD or another masters

08-Jun-18, 09:43
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posted about 11 months ago
Hi OP here,
Ive always wanted to be a lecturer and teach in a university. Thats where i want to be in a couple of years time.

Quote From Tudor_Queen:
Hello! Do you have a longer term goal? What might you want to be doing in say 5 years time? Thinking about this might help you in deciding your next steps. You might need a PhD for instance. If you simply like being a student and want to avoid the world of work then that is different. A PhD will probably put you off studying for life (seriously!!!), whereas another masters would buy you and enjoyable extra year or two! I'm really tired so probably ignore the last few sentences here! I think the opening part makes sense though.

Thread: PhD or another masters

06-Jun-18, 14:09
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posted about 11 months ago

I just concluded my masters (part lab based and part classroom based) and graduated with a merit at the top of my class. I had a very strong 2.2 (0.01% from a 2.1) and have a ton of lab based research experience with research assistant posts i took virtually every holiday i had, Ive come out with good results and scores on all of the projects ive worked on and have solid references from all of my research supervisors and program heads. Im contemplating swinging for the fences and applying to PhD programs or just going for another Masters degree. Im a bit lost for where and would appreciate a bit of advice on what to do from experienced persons.

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