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Thread: Personality types literature?

13-Nov-18, 18:09
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posted about 9 months ago
Hi all
I'm doing a proposal for a doctorate and needed to talk about the different personality types that participants might have, which would potentially affect the research.
Does anyone know where would be a good place to look for this as I've found it a little tricky to find textbooks or key texts with theory etc that I can use.
Thank you

Thread: Screwed up an interview?

07-Jul-16, 22:44
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posted about 3 years ago
Hi guys thanks for all your comments, just wanted to share an update.
I have been offered a place on the course!
Really unexpected but really pleased and looking forward to starting!

Thread: Screwed up an interview?

02-Jul-16, 17:49
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posted about 3 years ago
Hey everyone used this board for a couple of years on and off but just wanted to post about an interview I had for a doctorate.

I would be a mature student having finished my undergraduate nearly 10 years ago and finished a masters a couple of years ago.

I have been doing my job for 7 years and would say I'm completely experienced in my field but I gave the worst interview ever! Normally I'm eloquent, confident and feel very good about all interviews I give.

In the doctorate interview I had a fog in my brain and got thrown off by things like quant/qual being quantitative and qualitative. It's because I don't work in academia that I wasn't fully au fait with it.
I was also giving answers that I knew weren't right and overcomplicating my responses.

I prepared loads and really wanted it but gave a bad account of myself.

As I was walking down the staircase afterwards I was getting excellent answers coming to my head and things I wanted to say.

Really frustrated and not holding up much hope.. I find out by the end of the month. I really wanted to email the interviewer and say 'THIS IS WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO SAY TO THOSE QUESTIONS!' But that would be weird and creepy so I'll just sit tight and hope for the best..
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