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Hi everyone. I’m in search of some PhD advice, now I know that everyone’s circumstances are different and no one can tell me exactly what to do, however, I was hoping for some suggestions on what you may do in a similar situation.

I have recently finished my MSc in September, alongside this, I have also started a very competitive graduate scheme job that I am thoroughly enjoying. I have been considering doing a PhD for some time now and annoyingly, I did not put much thought into this while I was still at University. I am beginning to look at programmes now, however, I’m unsure what to do.

If I find a PhD programme that I like the look of and that aligns with my academic interests, I would most likely want to apply for it. However, this is where I am struggling. Should I give up my job to focus on my PhD and sacrifice the work I put into getting the job? Should I go part time at my job and also do my PhD part time? I dont like the idea of doing my PhD over 6/7/8 years while juggling work alongside this, but likewise, it seems foolish to give up this great job I have.

This is a bit vague and I apologise in advance, but I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this. Thank you.