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career advice_how to address an academic gap and is a second MSc the solution?

I am a 56 yo woman, with a MSc in Organic chemistry (UCDenver,1994) . Due to motherhood in a challenging economy, I worked where the money was, mostly teaching and management. Only now that my son is successfully attending his MSc, I can focus back on me. My goal is to get back into science and work specifically in synthetic organic chemistry applied to neurodegenerative diseases. I spent entire last yr applying to PhD positions, without success, and I get it: my knowledge and experience are outdated, industries, R&D, and even bench work requires that. I myself only heard about the chemistry of neurodegenerative diseases, 5 years ago...Due to not being accepted to any PhD program, I then decided to apply to a MSc in Med Chem. It would give me the specialization I need, only two years, and would be the first step for a PhD. And I am particularly interested at Danish institutions due to the excellence of their program and industry collaborations. My goal is clear to me: to work with chemistry applied to neurodegenerative diseases. I have the seniority and experience needed but lack the updated knowledge. My qyestion is: how should I address this gap (motherhood, without being pity) and the fact of applying to a second MSc? Should I mention that I was not successful in my applications to a PhD? It looks like that programs are built only for very young people, but I have no doubt I`d be very successful, mainly now that I can focus 100% of my time. Thanks