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Certifications in Welding!!!

Hi guys,
My son is thinking of a career in welding; he has always been interested in patchworks and repairs. He wants to become more of an industrial welder rather than a friendly neighbourhood welder; he is much interested in offshore projects and keeps searching for oil rigs and marine welders! After my extensive research online, I learned that to become an industrial welder, you'll need certifications in par with the industrial standards. He has already completed his undergraduate program in industrial engineering and is looking for welding courses in Canada to obtain certificates in welding. He is not interested in a full-time degree, so he has gone through some AWS, TSSA, CWB and I-CAR welding certification courses offered by a welding school(https://www.weldtechtraining.com/) in Canada, which was suggested by his uncle. He doesn't have a particular understanding of which to select. Could you guys help find the right certification course which would help him to become an industrial welder and probably a marine welder? Which is the best certification course essential for a welder? Do you guys have any idea about the welding school mentioned above? Any help in this topic would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Looking for part time job as a security guard in Canada!!

I am going to Canada to do my post-graduation in forensics. I have always dreamt of a career in law enforcement. I wish to continue, and make a living in Canada itself, as a career in law enforcement would be fantastic. I am on a scholarship that would cover most of the college expenses. But I am looking for a part-time job as well to cover other expenses. So here is the thing, if I am going to work anyway, why not choose something that will back me up in the future. I have heard working as a security guard opens up an opportunity in law enforcement. I have seen advertisements such as "work as security for17$/hour" jobs. I don't know the authenticity of such advertisements but why not give it a shot. But I have heard working as a security guard requires a

. Is that mandatory? Is it possible to acquire a license without receiving any training? I really would love to have someone's expertise in this area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.