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Thursday, 1 February 2018 at 1:35am
Saturday, 17 February 2018 at 4:57pm
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Thread: Invited to make full Esrc application in two DTPs

17-Feb-18, 17:08
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by Guayaba
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posted about 2 days ago
Thanks Tudor Queen for confirmation that it is okay to apply to two different DTPs. I did know for sure you couldn't apply to two institutions within one DTP.

No need to be so rude chaotic - perhaps you experienced a different process to me. Mine went something like this - might be useful to others to know:
Make application to dept and tell them if you are interested in DTP scholarship.
Some time later, and as a separate (though obviously dependent) decision to whether they accept you, they invite you to make an initial skeleton application for a scholarship.
This initial application gets discussed at departmental level, and if the department like it they put it forward to the cluster of depts at the college that works with the DTP.
That cluster then aggregates applications from the different departments and weeds out some of them. The ones they like, they invite to make a full application to the DTP. I said invited because you aren't permitted to make this application just because you want to.

It wasn't particularly clear to me that this was the process from the beginning, and I still don't fully understand things like the links between the department I have been dealing with and the decision-makers at the DTP. Nor is it clear how many people get invited to make the full application compared to the number of places. In the end I'm not in control of how my application is considered, so you could say I am 'whining' about trying to understand something I'm not in control of. But I think it would be nice, and perhaps slightly stress-reducing, to understand the process from the beginning.

Thread: Invited to make full Esrc application in two DTPs

10-Feb-18, 21:56
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by Guayaba
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posted about 1 week ago
I'm afraid in my universe the DTPs don't post up enough info, the academics don't understand the system, and adminstrators take two weeks to reply to emails to tell you to contact someone else. If you live in another universe where you can get all the information you need, do message me from there!

Does anyone know what the success rate is with ESRC applications once your institution and DTP have invited you to make a full application?

Thread: Invited to make full Esrc application in two DTPs

01-Feb-18, 01:41
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by Guayaba
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posted about 2 weeks ago
So I've received contradictory advice about whether it is OK to apply for the same PhD with two different London DTPs. The actual colleges are useless at giving info and the system is entirely lacking in transparency. I'm not even sure what my chances are, having been invited to make full scholarship applications after the preliminary applications. Does anyone understand this system?
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