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Considering dropping out of a funded PhD…

So I started a PhD 4 weeks ago with funding from AHRC. From the interview it sounded like something I had a lot of scope with and something that would lead on to a career that I would be interested in. Since starting it seems like a lot we talked about in the interview is a no go and there are actually quite strict parameters around the subject which definitely wasn’t mentioned in the interview. I’m finding it hard from these parameters to mould the phd into something that I will actually find interesting or will benefit my professional growth. I know from talking to others that being passionate about your topic is extremely important with a PhD as it is a massive undertaking.

I’m not sure what to do. Is it better to hold on a bit and see if things get better/I can mould the project into something I’m remotely interested in or leave early and thank them for the funding and opportunity but that it really isn’t what I expected. Will this look terrible on a CV? Will I be unlikely to be considered for another funded PhD if I leave this one? I feel like I’m in a bit of a trapped situation and can’t really see a good option out of it - if anyone has any experience with this some advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.