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Sunday, 22 March 2020 at 5:32am
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Thread: I'm in my third year, but I'm still not clear with my I'm doing

24-Mar-20, 02:41
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by JayAm
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posted about 1 week ago
Quote From Tudor_Queen:
Hi, this sounds like a rather confusing situation. I would say the best thing to do is to try and speak to a few people who do know the area well and who can take a look at what you have done and give you good and honest advice. I say a few people because it is always good to get more than one opinion. Hope this helps.

Thank for the advice.

May I know which part is confusing for you?

Thread: I'm in my third year, but I'm still not clear with my I'm doing

22-Mar-20, 05:47
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by JayAm
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posted about 1 week ago
I'm a PhD student in computer science.

A few days before I started my PhD, my supervisor sent me a new proposal which was a different topic from the one that I proposed in the application. I had no option, rather to agree. After a few months, I started realizing my main supervisor was not specialized in the research area. I started to have a doubt about him. However, with some idea, I passed my proposal defence in my first year. He didn't know what the hell I was doing.

A few months later after my proposal defence, He called me and talked to suggesting to remove him as the supervisor by giving some excuse that he didn't want to simply in the supervisor team without contributing anything. I'm not sure whether this is the right reason or just an excuse to leave me. I changed my supervisor to someone who has no knowledge at all in the area and still doesn't understand the area till now. I had to change my supervisor since the previous supervisor asked me to do so.

Now, I'm in my third year. I'm still not clear with what I'm doing. I'm still working on the idea. The idea is like something to solve a particular problem using a particular approach. I have tried some existing algorithm, it seems it doesn't work. These algorithms have not been applied in my area. I'm benchmarking the results of those algorithms.

I haven't developed any new algorithm so far. I haven't came out with any novel work so far.

What should I do?
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