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Appropriate methodology to research a potential concept and the impact thereof

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I am about to get engaged in Doctoral research and would appreciate an opinion on whether my choice of methodology is suitable. I am about to write a paper about the potential of the Virtual workplace to tackle the economic inequality (which is closely tied to unemployment) through the creation of an "international labor market", where people from countries with e.g. high unemployment rate can seek and get remote jobs (often based in countries with the low unemployment rate and better economic situation) without having to physically relocate. This would be done for a specific country with a high Gini coefficient. The research question could be something like this: "How could telecommuting tackle the status quo of the income inequality in the "country X".
I am thinking to choose an exploratory research methodology and I intend to conduct interviews with employees, representatives of companies, and policymakers in order to produce to explore how could the above be deployable. Would you agree with such a choice? Is such research (given the topic) viable/achievable? Please do share any suggestions for methodology/the topic as a whole.

Thank you very much for any opinion(s)!