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Advice on how to approach supervisors

Hey, I'm doing a research masters PhD track, and I have my transfer viva coming up. I had an interesting few years and took on too much, full time job, health issues which I brushed off and said I was fine (supervisors offered me an extension) but I brushed it off saying I was fine... While I was not. It affected an experiment, due to me not thinking clearly and being in a state of anxiety, stress and burnout due to juggling research and job... And other personal issues.

I'm wondering should I let my supervisors know about the past struggles during my research? I'm finally thinking about my mental health and made a few choices for myself and wow it helps. Just a side if you need help do not be afraid to ask it really really helps and it will help your research. I'm just worried I'm too late with this realisation.

I have a transfer viva coming up and I'm terrified I messed it up. I would like to organise a meeting with my supervisors to let them know I was struggling. I kept it from them, it affected some work but I know how to fix it and I really believe in the research, the questions and it's just one chapter that could ruin everything 😕

I didn't have many meetings with my supervisors, they did say from the beginning they do take a bit of a back seat but have no problem guiding me if I need advice or help. So they are lovely people.

Any advice would be amazing. I'm maybe overthinking everything.

Thank you again.


Advice on openness to supervisors

Hi, I'm doing a research masters (PhD track). In a few weeks I'll be carrying out my transfer viva, so I am currently preparing for it.
However, there is one chapter in my thesis which is not good enough.
Some background, I have had some issues with anxiety and stress in the past, but it amplified recently due to a traumatic birth resulting in a wonderful son but lots of blood loss, when I got over that I had an ectopic pregnancy which was ignored by the doctors and I worked part time in a very toxic working environment.
Anyway, during that time I was writing a chapter and I was definitely not in my best mind space but told my supervisor I was fine.

Flash forward to now, I quit my toxic part-time job and have started therapy and in a great place mentally, still a lot of work but doing very good. However, I have reread my thesis and see major errors and issues, and there is the definite presence of confirmation bias. I know how to fix it and it doesn't involve getting new data just backing up my current results in a less bias way.

So question, should I set up a meeting with my supervisors informing them of the past two years and the issues with my chapter and my plans to fix it. I just want to open conversation, have everything on the table. I don't need any emotional help from them just the opportunity to get it out there and move on, fix mistakes and learn.

I know this is very long so I greatly appreciate if anyone read through it all and provides advice.
Thank you very much.