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Inadequate research ecosystem

I would be very grateful if some of you could provide some pieces of advice to my current situation. I have just completed my first year of PhD, and the situation with my peers is getting worse. Due to Corona pandemic, the research seminars with other master's and PhD students were held online. Everyone shared a cop of his/her work, but my research has been leaked by a master's student (me and my supervisor do not have a concrete evidence, but he run a little investigation, and it's most likely the case). No proper action was taken, because according to him, a literature review and a research model is not such a big deal! In addition, one PhD peer is really not competent (writing no one can understand, and I'm not even exaggerating, no proficiency in his field, very poor logic and reasoning). I took a look at his previous publications, and it's awful to see the very poor level of his previous publications (grammatical mistakes in every single phrase, very weak logic, no pertinence in writing). I'm a non-native English speaker myself (4th spoken language, but I'm still doing many efforts to improve my academic writing skills). I'm a foreign student with very good previous academic records, and I feel like I'm wasting my time in this lab. My professor is a very good supervisor, but the lab ecosystem is awful. I feel isolated, and not understood. My professor is literally writing the paper for the other PhD student. It is unethical, and very unfair. I tried to indirectly mention that, but the professor seems to underestimate the importance of such a problem. (He just mentioned that my peer was a bad researcher). Other than that, I feel like he's not doing any efforts in creating a fruitful research environment. I want to change lab, but I very much appreciate working "individually" with my current professor. What do you think I should do? I feel powerless.