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Thread: Application Woes

20-Jun-19, 21:52
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posted about 4 months ago
Quote From rewt:
People change there research area all the time. As long is it is in the same field and you have some transferable skills, it is usually okay.

Picking advisors is difficult but there are a lot more good supervisors than bad (thi forum only displays the worst) . I wouldn't worry unless there are red flags at the application stage, at which point trusting your gut is right.

When choosing your PhD, location is important but not everything. I personally think that choosing the right project that you can spend three years working on is the most important decision. Though where ever you choose there will be some university society and some form of postgraduate community. With a little bit of effort you can find friends just about anywhere during a PhD, as there are other people in a similar position.

Thank you for the reply!

I am rather worried about advisors, so I am desperately hoping to talk/meet with potential advisors. Otherwise it feels like I'm judging based on photos. I think this is a tricky subject because things can change and you will never truly know until you actually start working with them.

I agree that the research is important. I don't really care for societies and whatnot, what I'm more concerned is pretty much everything else about living somewhere. I don't want to feel resentful in minimal free time. The price of rent compared to stipend/ value of money is another concern.

Thread: Application Woes

18-Jun-19, 04:50
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posted about 4 months ago
I'd really appreciate talking through this with someone.

I would like to do a PhD, but I have several worries that wouldn't fit in a single post. Since I took time between my undergrad and master's to save up money, part of me says that I should really try to jump into the PhD as best as I can.

The worry that made me make this post is that I think I want to change my field of interest. I still want to be in the same field, but instead of focusing on a single application (interest A), I want to focus more on the underlying technology instead. However, so far, I have lots of experience in A which might not look the greatest on applications...

My other worries include finding a good advisor, but I've decided to trust my gut on this one regardless of what anyone else says.

One of the things I've been considering when looking at where to apply is where I'd like to live. On the one hand, it's only a few years out of my life in exchange for a good opportunity. On the other, I don't want to be miserable.

Any thoughts on those general topics or PhD applications in general would be appreciated.
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