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PHD get stuck, support needed

Thank you Eve1234 for your response. That was with me during the last few weeks. That gives me some hope that in the end, somebody finishes their PhD, even when it costs so much along the way (that's really sad it is like that sometimes).

- I was looking for someone in my country, who is doing something similar, but it is unique so far... but it was one year ago, so maybe it's worth checking again.
- oh wow, I won't do that for now... but yea, that is always an option
- it is what it is, I am also meeting amazing people along the way, so there is always some light. And yeah, finding a consultant would be great! Thank you for this idea.
- my team also has some resources, but the hardest thing is to find time and mental space to do so... but sooner or later I will start digging.
- in terms of things that do not have to be done... I have looked through everything, and it looks like it is well-balanced by now.
- thank you for these words! Now I am learning how not to think about PhD while not-phd activities :D It's tricky :)

Anyway! Thank you for giving me hope and courage!

My PhD destroyed my life

Polly! So sorry to hear that. I believe that the situation you are in would be hard for other people too. I hope you will find professional help, as it might be really useful.

PHD get stuck, support needed

Hi all,
recently I have reached the border of my mental health. I started getting professional help and it is slowly becoming better. However, I am now thinking about whether I want to move on further into this process or if it costs me too much. I am now in my third year. I am doing research in clinics on stroke patients and it takes around one and a half weeks to conduct a study with one patient. I have managed to get in touch and get permits from a few Institutions to run the research there. However, one of them is now closed and the others do not provide me with as many patients as I need to finish conducting the study within a year. Other institutions that may have such patients are far away 50km (and more) away again on a larger scale. I do not have the grant to make someone do it for me. After I will collect my data, I will have to analyze and it will be another struggle as I do not know how to do that yet. My supervisors are hard to reach and usually, I can talk about the project itself and there is from my city. I could go there by car, but it will be super expensive as I would need to go there 5days/week. My Uni will not cover these expenses (even if I would use public transport), nor the expenses of accommodation. Moreover, traveling there will take me a lot of time, so I will have to reorganize my life. I have the feeling that I was reorganizing it and that it is basically subordinate to the PhD process I can't imagine doing it once no time left for concerns. What would you do? How would you find that you have reached the wall and that the project you have created is just impossible to fulfill? Do you have any ideas on how I can make realizing this project easier for me? Looking forward to your answers!

Psychology PhD catch up group

Hi! is your offer still actual? I would find that option very useful.