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Thread: Applying for PhD this or next year

14-Sep-18, 12:37
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posted about 2 months ago
Thank you very much for your encouragement! It means a lot to me! I am now a lot more confident to apply for it.:)

My master years have been really tough for me for multiple reasons. My supervisor has been crushing me and unhappy with my productivity. However, I can never live up to his expectation, especially with the side effects I suffer with the medications for my mental health issues (e.g., poor concentration and fatigue). I guess that’s why I have been so demoralised. Regardless, I will give it a try and let fate (or the potential supervisor) decide the rest. Thank you rewt again for your support!

Thread: Applying for PhD this or next year

10-Sep-18, 10:33
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posted about 2 months ago
I am currently deferring my mphil graduation because I took on an ambitious project and could not find good results (I know for a lot of people the results of an mphil thesis does not matter, but it's a long story). I expect to finish it by the coming December/January.

I have wanted to apply for a PhD position in a renowned institute this year, but I hesitate now given my situation. I have only one third author publication. I have acquired a lot of technical skills relevant to my field of research (neuroscience) but I have no other publication to prove that. On top of that, I have burnout from the past two years of research experience. I know I still love research but I am tired of it.

I have met my potential supervisor once and emailed him/her afterwards to ask for a graduate position. He/she responded positively in the first email but did not reply me after I sent him/her my CV. I am worried if he/she does not like my profile now.

Should I apply for the PhD position this or next year? On the one hand, I have already contacted the potential supervisor and I really want to start my PhD in the coming school year. This way I can publish my mphil thesis (if possible) and have a few months of rest before embarking on PhD. On the other hand, I don't think my current profile is good enough to ensure admission. I want to consolidate my fundamental knowledge (like programming and physics) before I start my PhD. Besides, having one more year, I can publish one or two first author article and hopefully increase my chance to be admitted.
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