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Do I have a chance for PhD?

Thanks guys for the advice and inputs.

@rewt yes, im ready for the drop in earnings. Also, Im looking for paid PhD to support my expenses during the study.

@pm133, im holding an ordinary degree. Im targetting some university in Europe and US.
Yes, i spend my spare time to refresh my understanding of calculus, linear algebra, kinematics & dynamics to help me.

If you put yourself as the supervisor, will you accept me? If no, what do i need to work on to fill the gap?

Do I have a chance for PhD?

Im planning to apply for PhD in biomedical/robotics field.

I am holding a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, focused on biomechanics.
However, since i graduated from bachelor degree I never work in engineering field.
I have been work in business strategy and project management for almost 8 years. I also have master in Project Management.

Throughout my 8 years professional career, I never feel so excited in learning something new meanwhile I always love to read and learn something about technology (especialy biomechanics and robotics).
I even self thaught my self basic python, c++ and sql (it just get me excited).

Give my condition above, could you please advice whether its possible for me to get a PhD in biomedical/robotics field?
What should I prepare before applying?

thanks a lof, your advice will be very much appreciated