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Advice for my PhD advisor relationship

Most supervisors are this way .. they're more of a "bigger picture" kind of person and they wouldn't genuinely know how to answer your niche questions.
My advice is to still include the issue+your solution in your meeting agenda with your supervisor and act as you see fit especially now that you feel more confident in your field. If your supervisor has any comments at later stages, you can always refer to your meeting agenda where you had explained your rationale in detail!

Hope this helps!

Advice on thesis writing (introcution)

Hello, braintrusts!

I am in the process of writing my thesis, which is on dementia. I wrote half a page detailing the historical journey of dementia (starting from the first case ever diagnosed). I feel it is a nice little background that might make examiners more interested in reading more.
Is there any downside to doing so? I haven't sent it to my supervisors yet (I am worried they would think it's stupid or worse inappropriate).

Does anyone have any advice? :)