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My supervisor first student failed😢

I became the second 😭

Reliable proofreader

Can someone recommend a reliable proofreader/ proofreading services
I found plenty of options online but not really sure about their credibility and I need to
Send my whole thesis as a main issue I have is inconsistency in my use of tenses
Also, I have been using the American spelling and just discovered that I have to switch to the
British style because I am obviously studying in a British university. My supervisor has never commented
about my American spelling nor the inconsistency in my tenses because he has never read my work :)
My deadline is within a month, do you think I would be able to find someone whose willing to proofread 85000 words in two weeks.
Any recommendations for reliable proofreaders as I don’t want to risk it and send my whole thesis to just anyone

PhD writing advice

Don’t be hard on your self. MS might impact on your whole life and this is something out of your control. As they said try to break tasks and dont exhaust your self. My sister is a neurologist specialized in Ms and she always talk about her patients professional success so you can do it.

How important is the internal examiner

Thank you all for your replies, Question now is: how can I find someone to evaluate my work? Would it be wise to write to the head of the department asking her to appoint someone to read my thesis?? Or what exactly should I do,

How important is the internal examiner

I’m someone who has been doing his Phd no guidance what so ever other than some occasional comments about spilling and punctuations.

Recently, my supervisor first phd student failed her Viva and this news has literally wrecked my life.

On top of that my supervisor has just told me that she has spoken to a member of the department to be my internal examiner. I told her that you should have discussed this with me first and that I don’t want this member to be my examiner for two reasons: first she used to work in Oxford and she has very high and rigid standards. She is fair but really really tough and not a nice person in general. I still don’t know who will be my external examiner. But it doesn’t matter as I feel I’m doomed and my supervisor said that the she can’t change her now because she already agreed to be assigned as my internal

My question is how important is the internal ?? What should I do now

My supervisor first student failed😢

I‘m expected to submit my Phd in few months.
I passed my upgrade with criticism about my work and I discussed that with my sup and she refused to admit that there is any flaw with my research design. I considered all the boards comments and changed my design and my sup never comment about that

During my phd I raised my concerns to the uni saying that I am not receiving enough guidance and they said they’d resolve this informally but nothing has changed . I became convinced that there are 2 options either to change supervisor or remain silent
I completed my thesis by myself without any guidance and my supervisor would read occasionally and gave me very positive feedbacks but I can’t believe her

Recently, I learned that my supervisor first phd student failed her Viva R&R. I tried to contact the student but she never replied. So I emailed my supervisor telling her that I am extremely worried and I can not afford to fail.

I told my supervisor that I need someone to revise my work as I am not confident about it and I had my first draft ready by that time and my supervisor sent the draft to her colleague who took a look at my thesis but have not actually read it and her reply was that the thesis looks orginal but the argument is not well articulated and she is not sure how the thesis is different form other works. My supervisor told me that these are very positive comments and all what I need is to make more emphasis. I don’t really see it in a positive way and I feel my thesis is horrible and the aim of my study is not clear

My question is what is the wisest thing to do now: shall I remain silent and submit or shall I raise the issue to the department and demand that someone read my thesis in details and if the suggestion are major I could apply for an extension

Urgent advice needed

Can anyone let me know how to post a new topic