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Thinking of quitting two days before submission deadline

Hello did you get it done? I am in this position I have ten days and my conclusion to finish whilst parenting I’m knackered and emotionally checked out from my kids and I feel like I have no original contribution I can’t sleep or eat I feel ill. I’ve worked 12 hours today and that was just sorting fiddly bits out. I have two thousand words for the conclusion but need a lot more. I think I’m dyslexic to so very scared to add words, as it takes so long to proof. I was so organised and now it feels a big rush, I’m spiralling and stuck.

Lecturing alongside PhD problems

Hi all, so despite the pandemic and having to redesign my method I have managed to start my research successfully and I have a good amount of literature under my belt. I'm fortunate to be on a PhD stipend, and this means I'm contracted to teach for a certain amount of hours, I hadn't completed any in my first year and I was keen to start teaching.

This year I began teaching two seminars a week for 60 students, I'm given the content of the seminars a day or two before usually a Saturday and it takes me a while to go through a read and understand the content! Since I started teaching a few weeks ago I have felt stressed, anxious, on edge, I am not sleeping or eating properly. I am constantly responding to emails and my PhD is suffering. I am also a lone parent with no childcare and everything feels tough!!! I was also asked to mark some work, and I only had a day to do this. I have made an error with one student's piece of work and mixed it up and now they think they have made better progress than they have. The email came from the head of the module so now I worry I look totally incompetent.

I basically want to ask, has anyone else made any big teaching faux pas like sending the wrong feedback???