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Quantity over quality, fluff is the stuff, sophistication is sophistry, and such things, so forth.

Call it a rant I suppose.

Write a paper, 20 pages including the bib, and it's got a minimum of 35 sources.
That's around 15 pages of text, with a minimum of 35 unique citations.
Why don't I just throw an encyclopedia at them with my signature on it? No room for, well, anything but citations!

I may just write 20 pages of block quotes to get the point across.

I grow very tired of useless, long, meaningless papers about nothing - after I was already required to read useless, long, meaningless papers about nothing - so that I can cite useless, long, meaningless papers about nothing.

Did I mention this is History, and 20 sources have to be primary?

20 primary sources... I doubt that even modern events have than many.


Doctor of wasting trees and binary digits - that's what I'm working on!