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Not sure which MSc MBa to do? :(

Hi everyone,

I've just graduated with a 2:1 Hons in Business Management and Human Resources Management BSc..and I'm currently looking around at what masters degrees I could possibly do to open up more doors for me career wise in the area which I originally studied..

Can anyone here give me any ideas?

Threatened for making a complaint

I think you should just walk away. Fair enough you have been bullied and felt mistreated along with other students, but sometimes you need to bite your teeth and bear with it. Many other students have been in the same situation and I personally know of a few others who shared same circumstances.

You've finished your Phd so you should just leave the rest in the past. I wouldn't mess up your future career just over one complaint. I don't think that was a threat from the internal examiner as such, but more of a bit of advice on what the consequences would be. At least they warned you!


omg are lecturers/tutors/professors really that disgusting to flirt with students? *vomit*

October a quiet month on the off topics subsection

hey I made the right member name then "noob" (newbie) (new person) lolll

tips on how to pass psychometric tests

gosh, I did a verbal reasoning test yesterday and my god was it such a drag!!! It got to the point that it got dead frustrating!!!

Last on to post on this thread wins

I win!! even if I am a noob! lolll

What "Ch" unes have people got on today?

lol I'm listening to foo fighters and the plain white T's at the mo. You could try a little techno ballads? lol those are quite good to get you in the mood!