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Friday, 17 May 2019 at 12:21pm
Friday, 17 May 2019 at 12:50pm
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Thread: Resubmission pain

17-May-19, 12:50
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posted about 4 months ago

I’m a PhD graduate, but currently struggling with a resubmission of a research project for my professional psychology training. All other elements of my training were passed and I need to complete the research project in order to qualify as a Practitioner Psychologist.

After nearly a year (?!) since my failure result, I’m hopefully resubmitting in a few months and trying to find the strength and motivation to finish it.

I knew the design of my research project was deeply flawed, but I was overruled by supervision team as they were certain it would pass. I’ve spent the last year feeling really angry, sad and heartbroken at this outcome. I requested and was granted a new research supervisor and we’re trying to salvage this research project. I’m pleased with my new supervisor team, however I’m still struggling to get through this, particularly as my new supervisor is suggesting all sorts of changes that confirmed my original concerns.

It’s also difficult seeing my non PhD peers, pass their training, qualify and obtain very well paid qualified research positions, while I’m struggling to get by through a part time researcher post, which is mostly data entry.

I know I should feel grateful to have got this far, but I just feel so very deflated and demoralised by the whole process. For now, I’m trying to get through as best I can and started going to the gym to lift my mood and distract myself from this disappointment.

I would really appreciate some advice...
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