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PhD or Professional Doctorate

Rewt and Ola89, thank you so much for your replies. These are really helpful and the most clear guidance I have had with this so far.

I will use the BPS guidance for some more information and look at some specific university courses.

Thanks again!

PhD or Professional Doctorate

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to do some research into what postgraduate path to take. I have two Master's degrees - Cognitive Neuroscience and Social Work - one in the UK and one just finished elsewhere in Europe. I currently work as a research support officer in a psychology-based research centre.

I am interested in pursuing Clinical Psychology or Psychotherapy and am trying to research my eligibility. However, in looking at PhDs or Professional Doctorates I get confused.

Am I right in saying that they are very similar in terms of qualifications; PhDs have a heavier focus on research and thesis; both facilitate professional, clinical practice but PhDs also offer the option of working within academia / pursuing career as a professor.

Is anyone able to tell me if this is right or any further distinctions between them?

Thank you!