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Feeling sad and unhappy

Hi all, I'm a PhD student in my second year of three years program. When I finished my master I tried a lot to get a position for a PhD and finally, I got it. I was really happy, but now... I always feel sad and depressed. I have a lot of lab work to do and, at the same time, I have a lot (but really a lot) of teaching activities to attend. Then my PhD project is very big and I think I won't ever be able to finish it in one year. I use to not work on the weekend and I feel guilty, but I really need to take a break, also because I also have other personal activities to attend and I don't want to stop them.
Sometimes I also feel like I'm super disorganized, I have many notes that do not have a sense, they are just put all together. But now it seems it's too late to give them a sense, it seems like I already messed up everything.
I really don't understand if it is just a normal feeling, or if I'm just unhappy with the PhD. I always say that it is just one year more, but what is the point of doing something that makes you feel unhappy?
I'm not even sure I would quit, because it would be more difficult to accept such a failure than continue with it.