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What are the ways for Master's funding other than Education loan?

Hello Kshitza,
There are various other methods to cover your expenses while pursuing a master's. You can apply for a TA/RA (teaching assistantship/research assistantship) at your university which in most cases covers the tuition fee and also pays a monthly stipend. There are also many scholarships available if you just search the internet. Also, I would recommend you to take a look at the fellowships available as many fellowships do cover a part of the tuition fee. Last but not least, you could always earn something while studying by taking up part-time jobs in the university. All the best on funding your masters.

-Sidarth Narayanan

Pros and Cons of having a summer start instead of fall start at an US university.

Hello All,
I have got an admit to Purdue University for the MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics program and just wanted to know how the time of start (Summer/Spring/Fall) would affect my academics and future job opportunities. Please do enlighten me.