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I am exhausted already

Hi glimmerbat,

Thank you so much for your valuable reply.
I like your suggestion about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and I will consider this.

As you had experience with Time series, may I ask what sources you recommend the most to learn? Unfortunately, we don't have this kind of Journal clubs in my uni, (as I know ).
Actually, my main supervisor is from a different area of interest, so even the other students that she supervises are working on other areas than mine.

if you recommend any groups like on meetup or such that's could help me a lot.

Thank you very much

I am exhausted already

I am currently a PhD student, with Arabic background ( I have already completed a year since I started the PhD journey but during that year I got a maternity leave for 70 days and hence my confirmation is delayed) my confirmation of candidature is scheduled to be held on the end of March.

However, I am still not confident about what I am doing or going to do!
I am from computer science field, I decided to do my PhD on time series analysis, after I read a bit about it and i found it interesting. Now, I am struggling to find what is should be considered as a contribution !!

I am still even not sure about the research questions..

I have the following problems:
Besides the family responsibilities i am trying to work on my PhD research most of the day , around 10 hours daily, even weekends.

I consume along time to grasp the concepts well, especially when it's related to theory.
Most of the times I have done experiments and reported the results to my supervisor.. later I depicted some mistakes in the code which leads the results!!!

I am criticising my self alot, I think I am not focusing well .. however dont know what can i do to progress well in terms of time and work quality..

How I can be confident while I am not very knowledgeable compared to other on the same field.

How can I progress towards my very soon CoC??

Where can I find peers who work on time series analysis?

I am awfully sorry for this long writing! But I feel like oh finally there is a place to speak !!!