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RnR Correction Phase


I am looking for some advice and support. I successfully passed my viva back in April but was given an RnR outcome. I was devastated and disappointed after YEARS, especially through COVID. I returned to full time employment 18 months and made considerable sacrifices to ensure I made time for the PhD, every weekend and holiday period. My supervisors were against me returning to work but needs must and I am eternally grateful for my stable industry job with the cost of living crisis.

I had my first supervisory meeting a few days ago and they are pressurising me to take a year's leave to 'think, invest and recommit to the PhD', according to them. I feel irritated and patronised. I don't want a year's break on top of 12 month corrections. Its too long and I explained my frustrations with lengthening the timeline. I suggested 3 months, they are to come back to me and then start the corrections which are voluminous, rewriting chapters and editing. My idea was to make a start this weekend, chip away at them, after a 6 week break to get over the viva. Our motivations are diverging, I want to wrap this up as soon as possible to the best of my ability. More than likely looking to submit before the 12 months are up. I am 35 years old and in a phase of my life where I want to build a stable future, financial stability and have a personal life/ family. I gave up relationships for the PhD and I feel like my window of opportunity grows smaller every time they talk about lengthening the time line and it takes as long as it takes.

What can I do? My supervisors and I are at odds about how to do this. Can I just make way through the corrections regardless of them and inform and send through each time I complete a section. How can I approach them and explain what I need?

Post-viva slump—advice needed!


I completely understand and empathise with your situation. Maybe we can help each other out. I am in a similar position and posted on this forum at the end of April. I sat my viva at the end of April and got RnR, unexpected and very very disappointing. I poured my heart and soul into this for the last 4.5 years, on top of a full time job in the last 18 months, and felt the outcome was not justified to the level of time, energy and work I put in. I passed the viva so no need for a second one but the disappointment, anger, shame, etc is hard to get past. I feel embarrassed when people congratulate me. I felt the same about the viva, its a formality - out and through, my supervisors were not honest about some issues surrounding my thesis so I was like its ready, let's go, move on with my life. It was the biggest let down and crash despite a successful viva and has taken me 6 weeks to get past it. I hear you and see you...you are not alone in these feelings! Take a break, refresh and do some small bits and pieces and it will come back to you. Chipping away, piecemeal will help and you will be done quicker than you think.

Confusion after UK Humanities Viva - RnR given but sounds like a pass?

I had my viva two days ago. My supervisors assured me that my thesis was in a good place, after taking in all their advice and suggestions, that there were some structural issues but would pass with borderline major corrections. It was a long road through COVID, took an 18 extra month and its been very difficult to hold to the consistent level of work after returning to full time work but I was assured the pass by my supervisors.

I nailed the Viva, my external loved what I had to say, it was all very conversational and collegiate, very positive. So imagine my confusion when following a good defense and building me up, they knock me down with an RnR and 12 months. They said they felt my case studies needed further and updated analysis, that it was 90% there just to plow that passion I showed at Viva to wrap the 10% up. That when is all said and done, this is a book proposal. They said I did not have to resit the viva oral exam and my internal could sign off the revisions.

I was very hurt and confused, like all the sacrifices I had made particularly the time commitment to seeing this through the pandemic and balancing with full time work, felt worthless. Like I failed by not hearing the word pass. Now I am confused, my supervisor whilst disappointed that it was't in so many words a pass and major corrections(6 months) but not far off, felt overall it was good experience and loved my performance. He feels this is a strong position to be in because as long as I follow the revisions its all good. Whereas I feel completely demoralised and humiliated. He says its effectively a pass with major due to no second viva and internal sign off, that the revisions could be done in 6-8 months. Still not seen the report yet! Is it? Can I tell people I passed or is that technically a lie? After so many years, I feel cheated, beaten down and demoralised. He openly admitted he pushed for submission and viva because felt the thesis had been taken it as far as it could and it was best to try and put it through. I am angry at that, I would have wanted to hold off to ensure it officially passed. Such an emotional rollercoaster and I don't know how to feel - did I effectively pass or is it a provisional pass?! Help!