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Viva - not enough data, resubmission with extra Chapter

Hi all

I had my viva a few days ago and even tho it went well in regards to the data I had in my thesis and I was able to defend well, in the end they said I didn’t have enough data for a PhD currently and recommended resubmission with an extra review chapter (as I have started a postdoc and extra experiments would not be an option).

I’ve had time to digest this horrible horrible feeling because this results was never envisioned by myself or anyone who knew me, and have come to terms with the extra work etc and know I can smash through it eventually. I could blame the examiner for not being considerate as lockdown took 8 months of work away, or my supervisors for their lack of supervision and care. But ultimately I’m the one who bears the brunt so I’ve got over those feelings relatively well because it is what it is.

But the thing I can’t get over is the feeling of months down the line whenI’m finally awarded the PhD down the line, it will be an award of shame, reminding me that I failed and an ‘achievement’ I rather hide away than be proud of. I know when your are Dr, nobody will care how you passed, but right now even typing the word ‘Dr’ sends so much negativity through me and represents a title I don’t want to associate myself with..

Have anyone had a similar viva outcome experience/feeling and how did u get through it?