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Rubbish reliability results - what next?

Are you sure the 'problem' isn't you?

It sounds like you just want the second person to be trained until they agree with you!

Rubbish reliability results - what next?

Quote From Tudor_Queen:
Hi there

Someone kindly rated 15% of my data (videos) using a global rating scale. I rated 100% of the data using the same rating scale. When I came to calculate inter-rater reliability using Cohens Kappa, it is low.

Obviously I don't want to re-rate all the videos again. Is it OK for me to retrain the second coder and get her to code her 15% again and then re-calculate reliability?

Would this be the standard procedure?

For various, Cohen's kappa may not be the best approach to use.

Have a look at Bland-Altman plots!

Systematic review help!

If a study reports to have, for eg, 100 ppts, 80 of which answered a particular question (agree/disagree), of which 50 selected "agree" - does that mean 50 out of 80 "agree" or 50 out of 100? I need to know this so I can further figure out the % of ppts who "Agree"

50/80 of those that answered the question selected that response
50/100 of those that took the survey selected that response

You don't know what the other 20 would have chosen (? attrition bias)- the proportion that you select was hopefully defined a priori in your protocol!

Need a virtual mentor for helping with my management dissertation

These are very broad questions, where the answer is 'it depends.'

You need to talk to your actual supervisor!

Do supervisors need to see poster before submitting?


Best solution is to email them all with poster ASAP, highlight short deadline, and say that you plan to submit unless anyone objects.

Revise and Resubmit

You can't just claim 'prejudice' because you don't like the result- what evidence do you have?

Systematic review Question

Includes all citations thrown up by search.

have a look at the PRISMA statement for full details.

Urgent advice needed for experienced PhDers/PhDs - supervision meeting

Honest and upfront with where you are.

Provide clear time frames of what will be complete and by when.

Personally, I would use the opportunity and seek feedback on whether supervisors would suggest any tweaks to approach before final analysis.

Experiments for thesis

I think this is an unreasonable decision- should just reject if applying such onerous conditions.

There is an ethical issue in terms of recruiting additional people, when the research question has already been answered.

If it was me, I would either:
- Retract from the journal and submit elsewhere,
- Return with a covering letter explaining the implications of additional recruitment and add this as a limitation.

Reviewing article

Quote From butterfly20:
I've popped another PhD cherry and received my first invitation to review a journal article :) I've no idea how this happened as I didn't apply to do it or anything!

I'm just wondering does anyone have any experience of this and can offer any words of wisdom? I'm so worried I'll read the article and just have nothing to say about it!

1) Will the paper be of interest to the reader?
2) Is it likely (after any amendment) if the paper will be publishable?

- They cannot change the methodology- the authors can only provide clarification or acknowledge limitations.
- Your role is not to be a copywriter- if spelling and grammar need amending, make a general statement about recommending proof-reading. Don't cite every example.

Make your response structured!

Failed PhD Viva - need to R&R - anyone done this and passed 2nd time around?

Long story short; I submitted my thesis, had an awful viva; the examiners didn't understand my work and said they personally didn;t like the software I had used, despite it being a leading package in my field of study.

If someone doesn't understand your work, it reflects a failure on your part to explain it!

Everyone was shocked by the outcome - me, my supervisors, etc. I even sent my thesis for external review, and got it back with glowing comments.

So it seems I was unlucky enough to get disinterested examiners who i) didn't like my software choice, ii) clearly hadn't read or understood my thesis properly.

Who chose examiners?

I lodged a complaint to my University, and requested different examiners for the second viva, but it has not been upheld. My complaint was sent to the two examiners so that they could respond - and they have responded with scathing vitriol, and a lot of mis-truths about what happened in the viva, contradicting some of the things I raised.

Two people v you!

I have completely lost faith in the system. I worked hard, produced good work, satisfied all the University criteria for a PhD and yet have not been awarded it.

You haven't because you haven't passed viva, which is an essential part of the assessment process.

Or, I could just quit now, and take legal action against my University for educational negligence and breach of contract to try and reclaim some of my costs. I have a good case.

How has the university been negligent or breached its contract? There is an element of subjectivity to the academic process- you happen to disagree with two experts!

Viva prep: how many hours!?

I read my thesis the weekend before- didn't take much in as found it very dull!!!

Had another glance through on the morning!

Rant Data Analysis

What does the study protocol/ analysis plan say you should do?

Removing a paper from a conference (online) after it is published

Agree with first step above.

Key question is what terms and conditions did you agree to when submitting! Who now owns the copyright?

journal for publication

1) ask others in your field
2) Google or journal website. No idea what Q1/Q2 etc is.
3) Look on scopus.