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SPSS Help?!?!

Think you need to be clearer in your request. Do you really want to send data to a random third party?

Citing personal communication in your paper

If it is just advice then should be acknowledgement, not citation.

Citation would normally be just for unpublished data- e.g. I used this tool as has been used previously in this group successfully (fred.... )

Can you cite a conference poster?!

If abstracts/ posters are published in a journal, then fine. Otherwise, no!

"reviewers assigned" and "Reviews Complete"

2 months and you sent an email asking them to 'speed it up'?????

Personally, I would probably have sent an email at three months to politely ask how the reviews were progressing and if I could be of any help by suggesting other reviewers in case they had struggled to identfiy any.

Narrative analysis in ethnography

Have you tried putting narrative ethnography as search term in google scholar??

Qualitative or Quantitative or MIXED?????

> Now, i plan to convert the qualitative data from interviews and class observations into quantitative data by
> assigning scores to the categories.


Statistic Help

Yup- so back to my original post.

Report as median (with interquartile range) and the frequency (percentage) in each category!

Statistic Help

This is simply an ordinal scale, to which we are going to allocate arbitrary numbers. The difference between ugly point one and ugly point two is subjective.

Mean is hugely flawed in this context (reporting a 95% confidence interval would be even more ridiculous).

How is it useful in this situation to report a mean of, for example, 3.7 (95% CI 2.6-4.2)? It is meaningless.

Median (interquartile range) is still flawed, but gives you an overview of the data without making assumptions about the importance of the interval between data points.

Use of photographs in research and ethics / copyright re. publication

If image is publicly available, then no one will really care.

I would just describe pictures generally in text (if needed)- e.g. image of man with children.

Statistic Help

It is pretty meaningless to report mean for this type of data.

Better approach would be to report median or frequency.

Working Group at Conference?

Conferences are not an appropriate place to 'plug' a book- unless you are paying to sponsor the conference!

Presenting other people's work at a conference

Couple of other things to consider:
1) Whose career will the order make most difference to?
If you are a post-doc, a poster should make no difference to you at all (except as an excuse to go to a conference). It may however make a difference to a PhD student!

2) Making yourself look like a team-player
If you put the PhD students first then they may be more willing to help you with things- it demonstrates that you value other people's contributions (and gets you brownie points).

Personally, I would place myself second to last!

Authorship issue

I think we need more specifics here!

Your current argument is a little unclear, and seems to suggest that author of SPSS should be an author on every single paper that uses the software.

research design advice for clinical research

I think you need to think carefully about what you are proposing, as this sounds well beyond what is achievable within a PhD.

The outcome of reduction in CVD will require a huge sample size and a long follow-up period.

Will you be using a surrogate outcome?

From an ethical standpoint, I am confused why there is any concern about using a control group. Providing that:
- Other management continues as per normal with the only difference being the addition of a beetroot juice or placebo, and
- There is clinical equipoise about the use of beetroot juice,
- Participants give informed consent,

Then there should be no problem.

If there is evidence to support an intervention, then there is unlikely to be clinical uncertainty so a trial is likely to be unethical.

Politics, Opinions from a student perspective

“I have lived in the uk, 18years of my life and I consider myself a bonfired British… you must be open to learning English”

Obviously worked well for you!

“I have seen the price of a kit kat go from 20p to 65p for example.”

Personally, I have always based my vote on the price of maltesers.

“It is therefore I give my vote to UKIP”

You are a great advert for the logic of UKIP voters! They are lucky to have you!