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Bullet points in thesis


urgent question

Would you analyse the data at all? Presumably participant's consented to interviews based on a 'promise' that data would be used!

Invitation to review a paper

Fine to write on CV that you are a peer-reviewer for xxx journal.

Do I HAVE to publish my work in the conference proceedings?

What do you mean by publish "in the conference proceedings?" Most conferences will only publish an abstract, which would not prevent you publishing elsewhere as well! (BTW- not sure what field you are in).

R &R Trust issues with supervisor- need honest answers, but don't know how to ask

Why would your supervisor want you to fail? It won't look good on his record.

I am not entirely sure why you are pinning this on nationality!

Perfectly normal for supervisor to talk to examiners before viva- they are possibly friends. Even if he knew you were going to get R&R, what did you want him to do?

Approaching someone unannounced so you can be sarcastic will not help you.

I was punished for being honest and being myself

d) You refer to people as "he hasn't even got a masters degree" and "don't even have a BA." Perhaps your academic snobbery is viewed as poor teamwork.

Writing a Biography of yourself 1st or 3rd person?

Third person

PhD Fail viva Appeal

Something not adding with this story- the Old bailey is a criminal court and not involved in judicial review. Assume a lawyer would know that!

SPSS Binary Logistic Regression

Not quite sure what your question. You can leave control as 1 and non-control as 2 (some fussy people like 0 and 1) just ensure when you identify your binary variables that you select first/last appropriately!

Submitted my journal paper

I think its very rare for a paper to be accepted without revision.

Systematic Review

Cochrane handbook also useful.

Make sure you register register review.

MSc Dissertation help

Do you have the data? If you do, what did you say in your project plan?

If you don't have data, what data are you expecting and how does this fit with your research question?

what have other people in your field done?

options include: meta-analysis, narrative analysis, realist, or a multitude of other approaches.

"under review" and "reviewers assigned"

Irrespective of what it means... You can't control the process so don"t worry.

The terminology may be different between publishers/ systems.

Generally, editorial staff will look at it first to ensure it is formatted correctly.
It will then go,to an editor, who will decide if it is worth sending out for peer review. This is probably what 'under review' meant.

Reviewers assigned means that peer reviewers have been nominated and accepted. People may decline to review for many reasons - eg they are going on holiday. Peer reviewers do it in there own time, often last thing at night so it can take some time to complete. I usually have a quick,read when I receive the invitation. If it is very straightforward (obvious accept or reject), i will do it there and then, else it goes to the bottom of a list.

Statistical Test for Similarity

I am a bit confused by your data, and what you are trying to achieve.

Suggest you do some googling of non-inferiority tests, and possibly bland-altman plots to see if either of them works for you.

please explain to me co-authoring of articles?

I am very confused why you moved department if your new department cannot support you.
Perhaps you need to speak to your supervisors about your concerns about authorship!