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Friday, 22 November 2019 at 7:31pm
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Thread: Looking for a Christamas movie!!

22-Nov-19, 22:46
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posted about 6 months ago
So A Christmas Prince and its sequel are not good movies, they are actualyl trash. But they are feel good trash and there's something heart warming about watching low stake, earnest rubbish when the nights are long and cold.

Also White Christmas is a classic!

Thread: Being sick and turning up late for my PhD

22-Nov-19, 20:12
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posted about 6 months ago
So I started my Phd last year, in the field of high power lasers.
The big problem is when my supervisor expect me to arrive in the office. During my first year no restriction was put on starting and ending times, so I'd try to come in at around 9am and leave 5pm, but I have a long running health problem which means sometimes I come in late, but I figured it was fine as long as I work later into the day.
Now at the start of my second year my supervisor has been enforce a 9:30am starting time. This is totally fair but again there are days where I struggle to be in at this time. After being late a few time I was called to my supervisor office. He is rarely around so he told by one of the RAs I share an office with. I told him about my health problems, that I've been in and out of hospital trying to solve it. He told me "I don't think that's a good enough reason to not being in the office at 9:30". He thinks that's the group is not making enough progress and that PhDs being late is the reasons behind. Since then I have been trying to make it in. I know I was very lucky to have the flexibility at the start which I wouldn't normal have in a normal job.
But as winter rolled around my joints have gotten worse so I've been late again, usually 10am. Since my supervisor is never around the RAs having being reminding me a lot. After being late today one RAs told myself and another PhD "I am upset about you both being late, we have tried the soft way, now we are trying the hard way." He did not explain to us what the hard way was.
I am not to sure how to proceed with this, I am trying to get my health in order but I find the pressure and threats stressful.
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