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Is a funded PhD possible?

I'm a recent graduate who is considering pursuing a Ph.D. within 18 months - 2.5 years' time. I've been in a graduate job as an engineer for 6 months that is related to my master's degree (in the Energy sector), however, I'm not enjoying a 9-5 corporate role and I know it isn't for me.

My scheme finishes in 18 months, and I then plan to take a sabbatical year out, during which I am considering applying for funded PhDs. My Master's degree was in Renewable Energy Engineering, which I achieved a distinction in (it wasn't from a Russel Group university, but still a well-respected one). However, my undergraduate degree was in Physics (at a world-leading university), which I unfortunately only received a 2.2 in. I was very young (only 20) when I graduated, and I'm hoping that having a distinction in the topic I'd be aiming for a Ph.D. in (research into renewable energy) would help me. I also plan to finish my graduate scheme despite not enjoying it, so I'd have two years of industry experience. I'd be hoping to start a Ph.D. in Autumn 2023, and I'll still only be 24 then.

I guess my question is do I even stand a chance of getting funding with my 2.2? I'm hoping my distinction and industry experience could redeem me, as I would be unable to entertain doing a self-funded PhD (unless I can get an industry sponsor). I miss learning new things, and challenging myself, and pursuing my curiosity for the sake of it, and am willing to take a significant pay cut to get a chance to experience that at university again as a PhD student. Staring at spreadsheets and doing busy-work 9-5 isn't cutting it for me.