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Thursday, 22 March 2012 at 6:17pm
Thursday, 22 March 2012 at 6:17pm
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Thread: Self Discipline Disaster

22-Mar-12, 19:02
by Ziad
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posted about 7 years ago

I am just having stress and lack of self discipline. Time, days, months, go without doing a thing in my Ph.D. research. I was suppose to finish an important part nine month ago, but time just went by. The Uni is strict about that, and I might be expelled.

The issue is that I can't get hold of a routine or a daily program for more than days. Some say because I am a perfectionist, either It should be great, or no at all. When I pick up my studies, I work like a charm and sleep well at night. But I tend to find ways into getting distracted and struggle to pick up my studies. I even missed up my sleep, it's 5 am now, and I haven't sleep. I haven't done sports for a long time, and feel really down.

I used software, internet blocker, paper systems, todo list, reminders, etc. I just get around them and spend hours and hours surfing youtube, fb, twitter, refersh gmail. Sometimes, I get some energy, and waste that over procrastinating.

I don't know, I just feel that I should discontinue it, and go back to my career life. I even got here procrastinating over writing my to-do list, and after that, I guess I will keep refreshing my gmail every min :S. I know I should break up tasks to small pieces, imagine successful endings, etc. i can teach those stuff. I just find genius ways into getting distracted. I even can distract people easily too when they talk to me, I can get them worried over a thing and let them leave me alone. I even distract my ph.d. supervisors into other stuff and got them busy. I asked my wife to help, but I tend to get back and find ways to get distracted.

In my masters, I spend most of my time thinking more than reading. I answer some exams without studying and I manage to get through with an advanced master degree. My family always used to tell me that I would fail since I wasn't serious about studying, still I get through. In my masters, I write papers in the last 5 hours, and I get Bs and Cs. This however, doesn't help me in my full time Ph.D. It's actually all getting back to me now. I am burning my self for the next 3 years like this if I stay doing this. It just kills me, even though I am 27, my hair turned grey from the stress over procrastinating. The truth is, it is about time, till I get kicked out. I love navigating knowledge and researching, but the amount of work and writing kills it all.

I don't seem to respond to systems, I just wish if I can find an simple way of just picking up my studies and doesn't get distracted.

My ph.d. is funded, and my goal is to work as a consultant and have my own business. I don't aim to work in acadima. So, Ph.D. because I want to learn a lot about my area and be the best at it.

Does anyone have the same self discipline issue?

Thread: Word for Mac driving me potty, advice?

22-Mar-12, 18:26
by Ziad
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posted about 7 years ago
Hello Jane,

I had a similar issue, and decided to take my macbook with me. You can easily hook it to a screen and an external keyboard and mouse, then work through. I find it more settled and easier to bear.

I would suggest to use SugerSync Application, it will save backup of your folders, and documents. So, whenever you have crashed files, you can go back to them.

If you have to work they way you do you know, macbook at home, and pc at uni, you really need to upgrade to Office for Mac 2011, cuz I used 2008 and it was pain. 2011 it much faster and better. You can get a student discount, I got it for about $70 from microsoft.

If you also can ask your UNI-IT departement to upgrade your PC Office to 2010, it will save you lots of time.

I hope this helps.
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