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Anyone had a Masters dissertation extension as they have been due to start a PhD ? **

by academicadam47
on July 01, 2015
I have a dissertation to write by end of September, but due to numerous academic and personal issues, i don't see me being able to finish on time. I have been notified that i am able to receive a month's extension if needs be. However, i am starting a PhD on 1st of October.
I am just wondering how would this be received by my PhD supervisor, as i will essentially be starting my PhD whilst also trying to finish my MA dissertation. I don't see this going down well with her at all to be honest.

Have i just screwed things up for myself?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


02-Jul-15, 12:18
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posted about 5 years ago
I know people that have done this. It's hard but it's achievable. Just say you will be doing the MSc stuff on evenings and weekends, but try to do it during the day as well where you can.
15-Sep-15, 17:20
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posted about 5 years ago
You could ask to delay the start of your PhD (e.g., start mid October)? I have done this as I needed a break after my Masters.
16-Jul-16, 19:37
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi Adam

I think it depends on how much overlap there is time wise. The longer the time overlap between the two degrees the more difficult this is. There is an issue about whether you need that MA thesis completion and grade for admission into the PHD, and if so, by what date.

If the time overlap between the two degree is minimal and you are not engaged in paid work, then it might be achievable if you work hard and surrender your leisure time.

You don't state how much more work there is to do on your MA thesis OR if completion is a pre-requisite for admission - these are the two key facts to offering better advice.

The situation you describe is not common or ideal. I am not even clear if you are at the same university. The MA at most North American universities has research coursework units and coursework units but not a thesis component. So I am wondering if you are talking about to different universities here. You sound like you have been already admitted into a PhD at a different institution.




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