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I passed my viva :) :)

all that worry, and no corrections!!

many, many congratulations, I'm delighted for you Dr Swetchha (gift)

Gaining access to articles to write research proposal...help required

Quote From bewildered:

Have you tried putting the references into scholar google? .

agree, agree - Google scholar always my first port of call(up)

Gaining access to articles to write research proposal...help required

I imagine a person will have to tap into their contacts. If you have good relationship with staff in your old uni, you could ask them but probably for something specific rather than a vague request for articles on a particular topic.

Is there something specific you are looking for?

Viva preparation- the role of supervisor

Very similar story to Smoobles and Bilbo.

I too prepared on my own, didn't have a mock viva (it was never offered, nor did I ever ask for one). At my supervisor's suggestion I requested that I give a small presentation in my viva. He communicated this request through the chair who passed it on to the internal and external examiners. I sent my supervisor a few panicky emails with hypothetical questions in the few days leading up the viva. He answered them promptly but very briefly which in hindsight was I think, his way of telling me to stop panicking and to stop trying to second guess things! The chair contacted me in good time (via email) with the location and time etc so I was kept in the loop that way.

Best of luck with it; it's a tough time as nobody quite knows how it is going to go. Every faith in you though(up)

I passed my viva :)

very many congratulations Dr Neuron, well done(up)

Grounded Theory analysis Q... calling Ady, Olivia et al!!

not sure what I have to say will help but...

I suppose, on reflection, I did axial code within my different groups but ultimately what I was trying ot do was refine my original open codes by re-visiting them, comparing and contrasting time and time again. As time went on I stopped thinking of them within their different groups and treated them together. although I admit this was not a conscious decision. I finally conflated all my open codes to four main axial categories. From these I extracted a core category and then a substantive grounded theory.

In my opinion, and it is only that (!) although you may have different sub groups, it is a grounded theory of your overall study you are trying to produce - no? Also, while you can have similar codes for different groups, they may just be looking at an issue from a different perspective. If you continue to treat your groups as separate enteties throughout your thesis, it will be difficult to formulate an overall conclusion to your work I think.

I had everything in an excel file and refined, refined that way. My supervisor used GT many years before me in his PhD and said he literally printed things out and spread them out on the floor and refined them that way. I didn't use computer software so I am not sure how easy it is to work between and among groups at the same time - possibly another argument for not using software?!? I felt I was more in control of the process with my 'clunky' excel file. By the time I had finished I could genuinely claim that I knew my data!

Best of luck with it Noctu

Chasing viva date

that's rotten for you Pam; I can only imagine how tortuous the wait must be. From memory Dunni had to wait a long while to be told when her viva was - might be worth pm'ng her??

Hope you hear soon

Grounded Theory analysis Q... calling Ady, Olivia et al!!

Only seeing this now as I have been a bit unwell of late! I'll have a think about it and get back to you :-)

Access to journal articles for a PhD research proposal

No need to bite any bullet, I can get them for you. Pm me an email address I should send them to.

Article request

I have them for you Emaa, although the first one was in a different journal. Can you remind me of your email address in a pm?

Anyone has access to this journal?

appears I do, from 2006 onwards - what are you looking for?

Finding Conferences and Journals

It might be worthwhile signing up for conference alerts - while you may not actually go to the actual conference, it can 'alert' you to what's happening in your field - http://www.conferencealerts.com/

Another way to keep an eye on what's happening in your area is to sign up for alerts for journals that you may be interested in. Either search for a particular journal and sign up for an alert for every new issue and ToC OR go into the databases and sign up for the alerts that way.

Finally don't forget your subject librarian! Whatever your subject there should be a designated librarian with responsibility for your particular subject. That person should be able to point you in the direction of what's current in your area. There should also be a subject resources section in your uni's library website. There should be a list and links of update resources for your area.

My Viva!

Many congratulations Dr [un]Stressed :-), great news

Presenting your work to undergraduates

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Quote From DocInsanity:

My pet hate is when people focus too much on their methodology, because generally that's not the interesting bit of the research.

oops, opposite for me! Undergraduates not likely to be enthralled with heavy theory. I think they would most likely want to hear about literally what you're doing and what you hope to get out of it - not preempting any results of coure;-)

need an article please

Hi Carold

I can get it for you if you like to pm me and tell me what email address to send it to.